Money Healing Secrets for High Earners

Many people that have had money difficulties and money traumas growing up, often think making a ton of money will 100% resolve their money anxieties.

But most of the high earners that come to me for money healing are making 6 figures and multiple 6 figures, but still have the same level of money anxiety they have always had.

Some even have more money anxiety as their income increases.

Today I want to share some money healing secrets for all of you high earners out there who are confused as to why your increased income has not fixed the problem.

Before we dive in, let me say that sometimes learning how to receive more money is definitely part of the solution.

However, this blog post is specifically for you entrepreneurs who have already mastered the art of manifestation, but, unfortunately the money manifestation was built atop a bed of unhealed money trauma.

Fellow high earner… is this you?

You are earning a ton but…

  • Cannot seem to bare looking at your finances
  • Wake up in the middle of the night, full of anxiety about money
  • Burn the midnight oil much of the time, for fear that your abundance will slip away if you stop working 24/7
  • You hoard your money, and have a hard time spending
  • You spend all the money you make, bringing yourself back down to zero
  • Hide your earnings from your friends and family, for fear you will make them jealous, intimidated or resentful
  • Still use your credit card a lot, so you won’t have to “use up all your money”
  • Your health is failing
  • You’re not enjoying the abundance you’ve created
  • Your relationships are struggling because earning is always your top priority, to the exclusion of key relationships

All of these emotional reactions come from unhealed money trauma.



Luckily, there is a solution for each one of these angst ridden reactions.

The solution is healing the original money wound that you experienced growing up, which, more than likely, goes generations back.

Here are a few of the most common wounds I have seen, and corresponding prescriptions for healing.

IF… Money was used for control and domination in your household growing up, and the memory of it makes you want to reject money…

THEN… you need to release the chains of those who controlled you energetically, and create a new belief about what money means to you. As you become more sovereign in your energy, and begin to believe money is good, you will finally be able to look at your numbers with a smile on your face, and peace in your heart.

IF You grew up with scarcity, and even though you are earning more now, you still feel yourself wanting to pull back on your spending, and save every penny. Earning more feels very uncomfortable because you still feel scarcity inside of yourself...

THEN… you need to find the Inner Guide inside of you who doesn’t want to live in scarcity anymore, and begin leading from her perspective. In addition, you need to begin to think of money as spiritual energy that is limitless, and always available. Over time, you will be able to spend abundantly, as well as save from a place of abundance, rather than fear.

IF… You are currently outearning all the loved ones around you—your partner or spouse, family members and friends, and you feel a desire to hide your earnings, because you don’t want to make any of your beloveds feel intimidated by you, or resentful of you…

THEN… you need to find the Inner Guide inside you who loves earning well, and introduce her to your spouse, family members and friends with balanced gentleness as well as fiery courage. It’s time to stand up for who you really are, and allow those who resent you to either fall out of your life, or learn to accept you for who you really are. Being a strong money manifestor is an awesome quality, and it’s time to release your shame and begin living in self-acceptance.

IF… The more you make, the more you spend, even to the point of getting further in debt. It’s almost like you’re trying to bring yourself back down to zero. Everything feels out of your control, and you can’t seem to get a hold on your finances…

THEN… you are probably experiencing money guilt or imposter syndrome. It’s like your identity is not lining up with the money that is in your bank. It’s time to do some expansion. When you expand inside your being, you can allow for more receiving. You can also learn to allow money to stay. This path will allow you to finally become internally aligned with the monetary abundance that you are already manifesting.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, I want to share with you that you can become confident in who you are, including your high earnings, without any feeling of dread, guilt, shame or fear.

Perhaps it is time for you to heal the negative emotions you are experiencing with money.

Know this: there’s always a solution for any money emotion.

Much love,

January 20, 2022

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