Portrait of Heidi Carter

I work with driven women and men who desire a transformation in their earning potential.

My clients are so dedicated to their work that, at some point in their lives, they burn out and become frustrated that they have hit their earnings ceiling. Have you ever considered that this doesn’t need to be the case? What if you could allow in more space and time, live a more fulfilling life, and actually earn a higher income? I will guide you toward a holistic and spiritual healing of your negative association and anxiety around money and bring you to financial breakthroughs so you can lead a more abundant and inspired life.

Learn to Trust The Potency of Money

Often, once clients commit to working with me, they receive a windfall of money. Why does this happen? It’s simple. We attract that on which we focus. By placing our dedicated and trusting attention on an abundance mindset, an immediate opening to the flow of wealth sets in. 

You can earn as much as you desire. The magic is in learning how to receive on all levels, which requires major restructuring as we are collectively in the midst of breaking out of patriarchal ways of doing business.

I believe you deserve more. 

As my client, I commit to helping you address the patterns that are keeping you from financial wellness, guiding you in reorganizing your life and creating a healthier energetic and spiritual connection with money. 

Transcend Your Income Ceiling

Most of my clients - driven professionals and over-achievers - are exhausted. They come to me complaining that they are working too hard, too much, and they desire an easier way. Many are struggling with their health and challenged by relationship issues. 

They want to increase their income, but feel like the only way to do so is to work harder. What they don't realize is that they have hidden barriers to earning. There are many forms of subconscious money blocks that can be present, including fear of overworking and losing touch with key relationships, fear of out-earning parents, negative perceptions of wealth, and confusing (sometimes even traumatic) familial experiences with money.

My clients have done the personal work attuning to their vision and mission in life, often with a solid spiritual practice, but money and anxiety are causing a lot of frustration in their lives. They come to me because they have hit a wall and they are seeking guidance on how they can move past these blockages - toward abundance - in a meaningful and spiritual way.

If you struggle with either anxiety or avoidance around money, I will help you remove the hidden obstacles that are holding you back, so you can earn at your highest level, while also leading a balanced life.


How much does it cost to work with you privately?

Private money coaching is an epic journey that creates phenomenal breakthroughs. It does require a significant investment. 

How much does your mindset have to do with your income?

Your mindset and vibration - your “energy” - has a lot to do with your income. People are drawn to you when you feel confident and don’t “need” a client, but simply enjoy serving others in an authentic way. The way you see yourself is your identity, and together we shift that identity so you can tackle projects you are passionate about (yet afraid of) with self-assuredness and playfulness. 

When your money mindset is expansive, you can take bold actions on your vision, without money fear or pressure. The more money work you do, the more money you are able to allow in. As your receiving muscle becomes stronger and stronger, you also begin to receive more of what you desire in other areas of your life.

What does art have to do with money breakthrough coaching and business success?

Art is a tool that opens your mind and your heart. Frequently in business, entrepreneurs get caught up in planning and orchestrating, and forget to download their own spiritual wisdom. Years ago, when I began my business, whenever I would get stuck, I would take a break and go into my studio and paint for a bit.  I began noticing that when I painted, I would consistently get a download for my business, (even though I wasn’t trying to). The act of painting connected me to God, as well as my internal knowing. Questions and issues I had been trying to “think” my way through would instantly receive answers. 

In addition, making art encourages us to take risks and have fun. In business, this translates to leading from our hearts and being open to the results, without expectation. Learning how to paint quickly and messily gives us permission to allow our projects to be born and shared.

As far as money breakthroughs go, art is a divine tool to connect spiritually to money. Once you meet your money spirit guide (what I call your “Money Soulmate”) in meditation, you can also utilize the act of abstract painting as a meditation to reconnect to money. For people who connect to things visually, art is a conduit to create physical, visual touchstones that represent money. Just by looking at these touchstones in your money practice, you can energetically reunite with your money friend, allowing previous fears to dissolve and be replaced with the knowledge that money is there for you. 

How much time does private coaching require?

Private coaching definitely requires a time commitment on your part. The amount of time varies depending on the client and the scope of our work together. Generally, it will require 1-2 hours + per week. 

How did you get started with money coaching?

I always say I dated several careers before I found the one I wanted to marry. I graduated with a degree in photography in the photojournalism department at UT, and immediately went on to be a photographer and writer for a small town newspaper in Athens, Texas. Next, I got certified to teach and was an elementary educator for several years, which really was just me getting excited about being around children because I wanted to have kids of my own. My last year I got pregnant with my daughter and then several years later had my son. After becoming a mom, I knew I wanted to create something of my own, and my first business was a wedding photography business, which (aside from a few dear clients) I actually did not enjoy doing much. 

Eventually, I hired my first life coach and got ultimate clarity that whatever I created would include spirituality and art. I started leading spiritual art retreats and my coach, who attended one, suggested “Have you ever thought about coaching because you’re already doing it, you’re really good at it and you can make a lot of money doing it.” I got curious, and attended an introductory coach training and instantly fell madly in love with coaching and the coaching community. 

When I completed my coach training, I just knew in my heart I wanted to help women entrepreneurs, so I called myself a business coach. As time went on, I eventually attended a business retreat and the coach led me through a process to understand my ‘why behind my why, behind my why’ which crystalised that I really wanted to help women with their money. She said, “Oh, you’re a money breakthrough coach!” and inside I was 100% resonant. I have been doing it ever since.