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Have you been on a strong professional path for years, but somehow still feel a deep inner block when it comes to finances and money? Maybe you're an overachiever who is consistently overworking and feeling exhausted from the belief that you have to do so to earn your desired income.

Or maybe you've been coasting at the same level of income and need a push to get out of your comfort zone and into the realm of higher earning potential. Perhaps you have always been surrounded by wealth and feel uninspired to work because receiving money feels "flat" or meaningless. 

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Your fears could be telling you many things deep down inside,

such as...

  • It's not safe to outearn my spouse
  • It's not safe to outearn my parents
  • Love is the most important thing, so I don't need to worry about money
  • Money has caused me deep strife in the past and it will again
  • Money is dangerous
  • Money is evil
  • Money hurts
  • It's wrong for my earnings to be this high when my staff is making less than me
  • If I want to earn a high income, I'll have to work hard and this will lead to health problems
  • My spouse is the earner, not me

With Sacred Wealth Design, you will become aligned with your most powerful self. 

From this place, you will develop the partnership of a lifetime with money. With a community of other driven professionals surrounding you, you will have the support you need to move forward powerfully. You will finally be able to thrive emotionally and with money in a way that you've dreamed about for years.

In Sacred Wealth Design, I will teach you how to think of money as a good friend who is always there for you. 

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What It Is

Through spiritual meditation, you will be guided to envision your ‘money soulmate’, which is YOUR MONEY SPIRIT GUIDE. Once you learn to think of money as your friend and begin connecting with it on a regular basis through meditation, collage and painting activities, you will tap into a deeply emotional connection.

You will begin to understand that money is spiritual energy and therefore, is limitless. When you realize that money loves you, your previous earning barriers lift and you become willing to receive more, as well as take care of your finances.

Your money relationship will heal through repeated conditioning that money is good and supportive. With deep coaching, you will learn to catch each negative money belief that has accumulated over your lifetime, and write your new money story and vows to recondition your thinking. Ancestral money clearing will connect you with positive messages from ancestors and help you release anyone in your lineage who may be blocking you from abundance.

I will teach you how to create monthly balanced spending plans that allow you to spend meaningfully and purposefully, as well as save, invest and remove debt. Once the foundation of money work is complete, we shift into business and performance coaching, discovering your inner power and big dream. In an aligned way, you begin sharing your work with the world more boldly, claiming your value and high profit with confidence and clarity.

What We Work On

Your money story is the set of beliefs you have about money, based on the conditioning you had growing up. As an entrepreneur, you may be leading your business from what you believe to be a positive mindset in your conscious mind. If you do not heal the subconscious money beliefs you formed earlier in life, they will continue to control you.

In Sacred Wealth Design, we will address your blocks, fears and issues as you heal and rewrite your personal money story. With creativity, you will address your fears so that you can pull yourself out of limiting beliefs and into an abundance mindset. You will gain clarity on your divine purpose and business mission, and create a money plan that will set you on your way to abundance and joy in all aspects of your life.

As you release outmoded methods of building wealth and learn how to better lean into your intuition and creativity, you will find that work feels fun again. As you lead from your heart, with the knowledge that money will always support you, you will feel more confident closing bigger contracts, because you understand that getting paid well for your work is an equal energetic exchange. 

Your sacred relationship with abundance will begin to show up in all areas of your life. This will show up with money as well as in love, creative projects, adventures and lifestyle. The stronger your abundance muscle becomes, the more you will recognize its presence. You simply have to choose it.

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How It Works

We begin our epic journey of transformation with a 2 hour Discovery Session in which you will use creative journaling, deep coaching and meditation to connect you to your Money Soulmate, claim a new money story, and discover your Big Dream.

With continual private coaching, group painting calls and weekly modules, you will develop your business vision and finances, including income goals, spending plans, debt removal, and sacred savings and investments. Live group painting coaching calls will be dedicated to helping you complete a large abstract painting that symbolizes your partnership with money.

As you shift your relationship with yourself and money,  you will feel comfortable breaking your income records and will have the knowledge to take good care of the money that is flowing in. Through money mindset meditations, creative visioning and spiritual energetic connection, Sacred Wealth Design will serve as the foundation that will guide you through the stages of reframing your money mindset and inviting in all forms of abundance and success.

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