Hi, I am Heidi Carter, Money Mindset & Performance Coach.

For years, I struggled with money.

Once I discovered the secret of mastering my relationship with money, I learned how to feel good about money and this spiritual work led me to sacred abundant wealth.

As the founder of the Sacred Wealth Design coaching mentorship, I share my financial healing journey, and the learnings that resulted from this life-shifting experience, to help driven women and men lead a life of financial abundance. I leverage my expertise as a coach, artist and guide to help business professionals and individuals break through their barriers to prosperity and manifest bountiful wealth.

I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in photography and photojournalism, spent time as a photojournalist then later served as an educator for 5 years. After much personal exploration, I finally discovered my passion, which is coaching, and completed my coach training at the Co-Active Training Institute. Through all of my professional discoveries, I always knew for sure two things: I wanted to help people, and I wanted creativity to be implemented as a tool. Coaching and creativity ended up being a perfect match.

Portrait of Heidi Carter

Why This Work is Important to Me

Over time, we become so habituated in our way of thinking that it takes an enormous amount of undoing and unlearning to clearly see and embrace new possibilities for ourselves. 

Throughout my life’s journey, I have realized it is MY DIVINE PURPOSE to guide women and men along a spiritual journey to release themselves from the limitations of their past conditioning, break through barriers and shatter their income records.  

I believe that the obstacles we overcome in our own lives need to be utilized to help others. Because I have experienced many obstacles in my past surrounding my relationship with money - and have subsequently healed this relationship - I am here to help you tackle the obstacles that interfere with your success so you can step into your truth and create a life you love. I look forward to helping you change your thinking, release old patterns and habits, and create new rituals for personal and professional growth and lasting transformation.

My Money Story

Most of my life, I had a broken relationship with money. For years, I was overworked and underpaid, until one day, I decided I was ready to change. 

I began my journey of healing my relationship with money, using modalities rooted in my spiritual practice and creativity to call in deep transformation. This journey has brought me to a place of abundance, and as a money mindset and performance coach, I leverage my coaching expertise and creative background to help high performing professionals break through their barriers to financial abundance and success. 

It is OK to want success. And it is OK to want a lot of it.

My Philosophy

Our relationship with money is an energetic, spiritual exchange.

I believe that when we connect to money in a personal, spiritual way, we can experience trust and peace in any situation.

Over the course of our lifetime, our conditioning prevents us from seeing and embracing new possibilities or change. But if we are willing to rethink our past, we can heal our relationship to anything. This applies to money, too. Our money fears and anxieties serve as opportunities to heal our money relationship. 

When you change your thinking, release old patterns and habits, and create new rituals for personal and professional growth, you open yourself to the potential of transformation. 

Through deep coaching, I empower my clients to step into the projects that inspire the most passion, even though these are oftentimes the projects that elicit the most fears. I serve as a reflection of their own power and magnify their inner gifts, so they can develop the confidence to fulfill their life purpose and business mission.

I believe that when we live from a place of empowerment and develop our aligned, soulful business mission and map, we live a more joyful, pleasurable life - filled with prosperity and abundance.

It’s time to discover a new way to create success.

Portrait of Heidi Carter

Art as a Tool

Fears are part of the human experience, and they will always come up for you. But you don't have to stay stuck in your fears.

Creativity is one of the most effective tools you can use to pull yourself out of fear and back into abundance.

Art activates abundance and shows you infinite possibility. Using your creativity opens your thought patterns so that you can access your own personal power and greatest earning potential. When your emotions are frayed, painting soothes and helps you relax, allowing a stream of your greatest business ideas to flow.

Whereas you are used to making decisions and directing things in your business, art requires you to play, just for the sake of fun. Many of my high achieving clients wonder how abstract painting and journaling can help them perform better. After their first experience with art, they discover an oasis of curiosity and creativity within. The initial fear of imperfection leads to lessons about surrendering and allowing the paint to move on the paper. Eventually, they discover a way to celebrate imperfection, which allows them to move forward more fluently in their professions.

I use art to teach my clients how to truly trust themselves, take risks and connect to the endless possibilities for their business vision.

Let’s Create Your Abundance