How To Break Your Earnings Ceiling With More Ease

As an entrepreneur, the biggest secret to breaking your earning ceiling is shifting your idea of what you believe money is.

This requires much undoing, from what you were taught money is.

When you come to believe that money is spiritual energy, and discover a new way to connect to this energy, you become willing to allow more of it in your life.

This is level one of money mindset mastery.

Next, learn how to feel comfortable with large amounts of money flowing in.

To build your ultimate partnership with money, you must learn to feel easeful around money, and comfortable with its abundant flow.

This means learning how to receive, and knowing that you are worthy of receiving.

Learning how to receive is level two of money mastery.

Once you begin receiving on a larger scale, you may face anxiety that the receiving will suddenly halt. You may feel the urge to save everything. Now you’re out of abundance again.

It is so important that you build trust within yourself to handle large amounts of money, balancing saving and investing with giving and abundant spending.

As larger and larger amounts flow in, you allow yourself to feel not only peaceful, but also self-assured in your ability to take care of the money showing up for you.

Mastering finances is level three of money mastery.

Next, is the energy of YOU.

If you really want to break your income records, learn how to conjure your own confidence within.

Learn how to boost your self esteem, and refuse to allow anyone else’s actions to affect your own sense of deep worthiness.

This confidence will give you the courage to move forward with projects that used to feel intimidating or overwhelming, which will help you manifest higher earnings.

To summarize, you can break your earnings ceiling by following these steps:

  • Trusting that money is spiritual energy that loves you
  • Allowing yourself to receive on a larger scale
  • Taking good care of your money within your finances
  • Building your confidence

Keep working on these, and before long, you will open up the doors for joyful, abundant receiving.

Much love,

March 21, 2022

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