What My Clients Are Saying

I also had a deep belief that money made you a bad person which came from my family history with money. My grandmother was quite wealthy and not a particularly loving human. I’d had some experiences working with people in the corporate world who used money as an excuse for bad behavior. I didn’t want to be a bad person and that meant that I shouldn’t make a lot of money. I feared that making a lot of money made me a bad person. I believed “if I make a lot of money I will be making it off of other people’s misery or misfortune. Working with Heidi was a real catalyst for me to figure out how to get out of my own way, and get on my own side.

The spiritual connection to money manifested for me as a Bear; a large, brown, grizzly bear, who is my Money Soulmate. Bear is the personification of the spiritual power of money and how I think of money in that it is strong, big, infinite, playful, wise, and powerful. Bear is a constant in my life. It is the strongest spiritual connection I think I’ve ever had. I have a Bear tattooed on my wrist, and he is with me at all times. Bear is everywhere. I’ve got pictures of Bear, Bears all over my house, on my phone… The connection with Bear with Money helps me remember to be grounded, to be centered, that it’s a flow, that it’s an energy and that this energy is huge, infinite and abundant. Once I started working with Heidi and connecting with Bear, my income just kind of exploded.

I tend to be crisis driven at times, and these are the things that make Bear laugh. It forces me to take myself much less seriously. Just being able to switch my mindset and have a source inside of me, changes the way I’m thinking and feeling, the moment I dial into him. It’s amazing.