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As a money mindset and performance coach, I help driven individuals transform their relationship with money to elevate their earnings and invite their next level of inner and outer wealth. I lead my clients on a spiritual journey to release themselves from the limitations of their past conditioning, break through barriers and shatter their income records.

Using art and creativity as catalysts, I teach my clients how to rewrite their personal money stories and claim their own personal power and biggest dreams. Through my proven approach, I guide them to create a sacred relationship with themselves and money, and help them boldly attract even greater success and financial abundance.

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Money Is Infinite

and Available

Your relationship with money has the capacity to be a true partnership, one which brings you pleasure and a feeling of being loved and cared for. As in any relationship, we have the ability to heal what is broken, if our desire to do so is strong enough. By guiding you to connect to money spiritually and emotionally, I will help you channel a deeper, healthier relationship with money to create more abundance in your life. 

My process helps you rewrite the stories you’ve created around money, freeing you from the limitations that may be holding you back from your next level of wealth and success. I provide powerful, deep coaching to challenge and resolve your money fears, tapping into joy and creativity to forge a new relationship with money that attracts abundance in every realm of your life. I’ll teach you ways to access gratitude, which will shift your mindset around income barriers and open the gateway to receiving. When we are grateful, we attract prosperity.

Bringing awareness to your negative money conditioning, we can reprogram and shift your mindset around earnings roadblocks, allowing you to thrive in your professional world – and ALL areas of your life. Using art and creativity, I’ve developed a clear process that will hold and guide you throughout the healing journey. This is a proven methodology that results in real-life financial abundance. With creative visioning, spiritual energetic connection with money and the creation of new, healthy financial habits, you can access this deep healing too.

Unlock Your Financial Dreams

High Performers Unite

Have you ever considered that you don’t have to work so hard to make more money? It IS possible to slow down so that you can speed up and access financial abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine allowing more space and time to live a fuller and more inspired life. I’m here to let you know: you can.

If you’re constantly struggling with money anxiety – whether you’re chronically overworking, overdelivering or undercharging – you can heal this negative association through deep inner work. Once you relieve your anxiety around finances, you’ll shine a light on the way you truly want to work, on the types of clients you want to serve, and approach your work with more creativity and enjoyment. You are valuable. Your vision is valuable. And the results you create are valuable.

My clients are high performers who are committed to honoring the importance of self care. They’re willing to do the things that scare them in order to achieve their desired results in creating abundance. And they do so by trusting money.

Trust is where anxiety ends.

Become a Committed Partner to Money

Sacred Wealth Design


Sacred Wealth Design is a comprehensive process that will transform your money story in a profound way. My unique methodology combines masterful coaching, spiritual practice, painting, creative journaling and a success mindset to significantly shift your perspective around money and your ability to attract more of it into your life. 

Oftentimes, as business owners and high performing professionals, we can get stuck in overthinking and overanalyzing. I teach you how to turn off the ‘noise’ to connect spiritually, opening the pathway to receive deep inner wisdom from within. By allowing creativity in, you access information about your life purpose and business mission and learn how to connect to the spiritual energy of money. Once you become aligned with the knowledge that money is always available to you, you begin living your life from a place of empowerment and develop your aligned, soulful business mission and map.

In my signature coaching program, I use art and spiritual practice to help you locate your Inner Guides who will lead you to success as you prepare to receive bountiful money using your deepest gifts. I’m a firm believer that life is a continuous process of learning and we must take risks and celebrate our failures to transform. When you are willing to get out of your comfort zone, you can welcome more opportunities to achieve greatness.

Let’s Change Your Money Story

Abundant Money Membership

A coaching membership for creating financial abundance
using art and spiritual connection

The Abundant Money Membership is a community of spiritual and driven women entrepreneurs who want to unlock their next level of divine wealth so they can reach their full potential as leaders and game changers. In this supportive community, we use art and creativity, spirituality and divine money practices to manifest abundance, in a sacred and divine way. 

You will learn a variety of tools and practices to create a reciprocal relationship of support and love with money, as a dear friend. In the Abundant Money Membership, you will be introduced to a spiritual, personal, mystical way of viewing money, relieving your stressors and opening up to possibility. You will see that your old money beliefs are a result of your conditioning and can be addressed and relearned. Using art, you will soothe your emotions and realign with the infinite abundance your spiritual source has in store for you.

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Self-Guided Courses

I offer several courses and programs that provide you with the tools to unlock the secret to creating a divine relationship with money, depending on where you are in your financial healing journey. You’ll receive ultimate clarity about what you want to create in your business and build an actionable plan that brings you results.

Create a Divine Relationship with Money
about me

Most of my life, I had a broken relationship with money. 

For years, I was overworked and underpaid, until one day, I decided I was ready to change. I began my journey of healing my relationship with money, using modalities rooted in my spiritual practice and creativity to call in deep transformation and abundance.

As the founder of Sacred Wealth Design, I share my financial healing journey, and the learnings that resulted from this life-shifting experience, to help high-achieving women and men lead a life of financial abundance. I leverage my expertise as a coach, artist and guide to help business professionals and individuals break through their barriers to prosperity and manifest bountiful wealth. 

In my journey, art and spirituality have served as catalysts for deep change and healing. I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in photography and photojournalism, spent time as a photojournalist, then later served as an educator for 5 years, and eventually trained with the Coactive Training Institute. Together, these experiences have provided me with the tools to design a spiritual, creative and powerful approach to coaching.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Before I started working with Heidi, I felt very combative with money. It had been something I equated with overworking. I wanted to break the pattern but I didn’t quite know how. Once I started working with Heidi and connecting with Bear, my income exploded!

Bonnie Neel

After working with Heidi for 4 months, I've generated 4 million in sales, which means I've deposited $100,000 into my bank account! In addition, I have $7M in the pipeline for potential business 2021!

Jonna Juul Hansen

I rewrote my ancestral money story and turned my annual income into quarterly income! Working with Heidi was one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself and my business. Heidi is a wonderful mix of supportive care and insightful guidance.

Autumn Schulze

I closed a $1.2 million dollar deal! I realized that if I just focused on doing what I’m passionate about and doing it well, then money just flows into my life, and it’s okay to be highly compensated for that. I learned how to handle money and not to block that flow.

Jordana Ford

Through the money work I did with Heidi I have over doubled my billing this year! I​ ​have learned to accept and embrace my value in relation to dollars. I learned not to carry guilt about wanting, enjoying, ​and ​having money.

Stephanie Casey

I doubled my number of clients, and went from one employee to eight! I have learned not to put a cap on my expectations of growth. My relationship with money and myself is strong and loving. I highly recommend working with Heidi!

Rebekah Trevelise

Our company had its first $225K month! Working with Heidi has really impacted me and impacted my business. A lot of times as entrepreneurs we don’t realize that our business can’t develop beyond where we are personally. So if you want to grow your business you have to grow yourself.

Jillian Butler

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