How To Stop Fearing Success


I'll never forget the first time I "broke my income records.”

It was a shock to my system.

It felt uncomfortable because I'd never experienced that number before.

I found myself wanting to hide.

When I really dissected it, though, I realized that my fear of success really boiled down to me being afraid that my business would hijack my time, which I feared would lead to my health suffering and my greatest relationships suffering, or worse failing.

I was also afraid, simply because something new was happening to me, and new things can appear scary.

When fears go unchecked, they continue to rule you.

When you become ready to look at your fears and do the work, you create new ways of thinking about success, which usually means you accept that you can work the same amount of hours, but just make more money.

But you have to be willing to do the dirty work first.

The best way to stop fearing your “next level” of success is to throw yourself wildly into the most frightening actions.

When things are in the “unknown” category, your brain makes up that the unknown is bad.

Once you throw yourself into the experiences that you know will bring you more income, your body develops body memory, and these experiences start to feel more normal and less scary.

If you’re facing a new level of success and feeling scared about what this could mean, you can totally untangle those fears, and the first step is doing the most scary action.

Remember, you haven’t come this far, just to come this far.

Much love,

October 29, 2021

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