Prosperity is a Choice

You cannot control everything in the world, but one thing you can choose is your own prosperity.

Prosperity is a choice.

Prosperity includes two aspects: prosperity in your bank account, and prosperity in the way you live your life.

Financial abundance in your bank account  requires you to learn how to receive on a larger scale, without any fear that receiving money means you are a bad person.

Last week when coach Bethany Amatuccii interviewed me for her Facebook group, she mentioned that sometimes people are afraid that wanting money makes them greedy, dirty, or evil (video below, btw).

It’s really important to unhook these beliefs, because the truth is that learning how to receive more money is really just learning how to feel more worthy of all things good, including money and the beauty, adventure and experiences it provides.

The other aspect of prosperity is living your life in an abundant way.

The key ingredients to this are appreciation and taking care of your life.

The more you appreciate what you have, the more you can enjoy your life.

You can appreciate what you have by writing a daily gratitude list. Just really take a moment to notice and appreciate how good you have it. It is truly a game changer inside your brain and your spirit.

You can also appreciate more by slowing down….running your fingers on your soft blanket (in appreciation…oh my goodness, this is so soft and snuggly), looking out your big picture window at your gorgeous yard, and noticing how lucky you are to have this view.

It can also be appreciating people—noticing how many wonderful people you have in your life:  beloved family members, close friends, soulmate clients. Thinking of each one for a moment in gratitude, can warm your heart space.

Really making a habit of appreciating puts you into a mental state of blissful abundance.

It allows you to also feel a peace, because you are noticing what is good in the moment, and being present.

The other aspect to internal abundance is taking care of your life.

The more you can take care of your life, the more you can feel stable and self-loved.

This may mean:

  • Opening and paying bills right when they arrive
  • Taking care of your car when it needs your attention
  • Cooking for yourself and eating well
  • Planning fun things for yourself
  • Buying flowers for yourself each week
  • Making Dr. appointments at the first sign of anything feeling off
  • Facials and nail appointments
  • Yearly meetings with your financial advisor
  • Reviewing your vision
  • Reviewing your savings goals
  • Keeping up with your numbers
  • Taking care of your house
  • Getting enough downtime, and sleep
  • Repairing or getting rid of anything that is broken
  • Hiring someone to help you with house cleaning
  • Organizing your drawers and closets
  • Taking care of your clothes–buying what you need, taking clothes to the dry cleaners
  • Buying new candles for your home each month

The list goes on and on….there are many ways to take care of your life.

To summarize, prosperity is a choice.

Three wonderful ways to live prosperously are:

  1. Figuring out how to receive on a bigger level
  2. Living in abundance through appreciation
  3. Living abundantly by taking care of your life

Now might be a good time to take out your journal, and write down a few ways you would like to implement these ideas this month.

Much love,



April 21, 2022

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