Mastering The Art of Receiving

You know how to give to others, but do you know how to truly receive?

Women are taught to give through sharing their love.

Men are taught to give through providing.

But what about receiving? When was that ever taught to anyone?

We need to know how to receive, otherwise we exhaust ourselves by overworking and never feeling like our efforts are enough.

Energy is always leaving us, but there is a lack of enjoyment.

Today I want to share three tips to master the art of receiving, so that you can truly enjoy all that is in your life, and also allow more.

One, know that you are worthy of all that you desire.

Easier said than done, but if you can begin affirming your worthiness and greatness to yourself on the daily, you will see…you are a part of the universe. You are meant to be here. You are worthy because you exist.

Therefore, you are worthy of knowing what you desire. You can begin treating life like a store.

As you walk through, you get to choose what you like and what you dislike.

You wouldn’t tell a child they are wrong for loving pancakes.

Neither are you wrong for liking what you like.

Give yourself permission to say yes, and to say no.

Start acknowledging your ability to notice what you like.

With money, notice the ways you like to receive it.

Maybe you get a kick out of closing contracts.

Maybe you love relaxing and receiving passive income.

However you are receiving the money, give yourself permission.

I can receive money in the ways I love to receive it.

I can receive money in the amounts that I desire.

There’s more than enough money in the universe for me to receive lots of it.

Two, if there is something that feels hard to receive, meditate and visualize.

When you meditate, think of the thing you are desiring.

It could be a physical thing, like a couch, car, or home, or money.

It could also be an energetic thing like love or peace.

See it in your brain. See it happening… whether it’s love or money, or anything in between.

Don’t worry about whether it will come or not. Just see yourself receiving it.

See it. Smell it. Hear it. Touch it.

Notice how it feels. Notice how your life is changing, now that you have received it.

Say to yourself: I’m ready to receive this. I welcome receiving this, when it is time.

Then….tell God and the universe that if you are meant to receive this, you are ready!

You can do this with money also.

You can open your heart to the amount you want to receive, whether that is a particular number, or an energetic feeling that you know you will feel.

Imagine it is here.

As it flows in, notice that you can open up even more.

Keep opening your heart to all the money that is meant to flow in.

Three, practice receiving all the time.

If you’re on a walk with a loved one, notice you can receive the beauty of the sun.

Consciously let it in. Thank you sun, I receive your warmth.

If someone gives you a compliment, let it penetrate all the way into your heart. Feel that it is true. Don’t argue with the compliment. And don’t try to reciprocate the compliment. Just receive.

When dinner is served at a restaurant, stop and savor the smells. Notice everything about the meal. Say thank you, I receive every bit of this experience.

You can strengthen your ability to receive money as well.

Each time money comes in, connect to your money as a good friend. Thank him (or her) for visiting you once again. Thank money for being there for you. Tell money you are so glad it is here.

Strengthen your ability to receive, and your life will gain new light and abundance.

March 4, 2022

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