Learn How to Magnify Yourself

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are really feeling yourself?

Maybe you’re dancing, and feeling the music and you’re like yeah...I’m f---ing magical.

Maybe you achieved something new that you didn’t think you could do, but you DID.

Maybe you hiked to the top of a mountain, closed a huge contract, made friends with someone you admired for a long time, or finally stood up for yourself.

We have these peak experiences in life that create a spike in endorphins and confidence.

But what happens on average or challenging days? Does your inner spark go down?

I have to admit, in the past I’ve purposefully tried to create these peak experiences just to get that spike in joy and confidence again and again. Can you relate?

But what I’ve been leaning into is cultivating these feelings inside myself on average days.

I want to share two potent tools that will help you create a constant flow of confidence and joy.

Tool #1: Become Present

When you are present, that means that all your senses are turned on. You are present to what is happening in that exact moment.

It takes concentration, because your ego, or inner warrior will always want to remind you of all the things you should be worrying about.

Presence allows you to stop worrying about the past and future so much.

You can open your eyes to the details around you...the fall leaves in your back yard turning red and orange, the texture of the flaky pie crust crunching and melting in your mouth.

When you see a loved one laughing, you can notice this in more detail...how wonderful it is to hear that laughter and to see that precious face.

The more you notice what is happening in this very moment, the more you can experience fulfillment.

Practicing this allows me to experience a relief of expectations. I don’t have to expect others to do any particular thing.

I can trust that everything is just right.

This is a useful skill in business, because it allows you to use your intuition as your #1 compass. In each moment, you can tune in to your own internal signals, and make decisions assuredly.

You can also give to others because you are inspired to, but this time with openness, rather than expectation of return.

Fine tuning your presence helps you accept everything that is happening, and trust that things are going well. You can find proof that everything is going well by being present to your environment and situation.

If you have a random fear about money pop up, you can become present to what is and notice that you have a lot of money in your bank account, and new opportunities arising.

You can enjoy your clients more. You can really enjoy being with them, learning from them and serving them with utmost care.

What do you think presence could bring to your business?

Tool #2: Be Loyal to Yourself First

Entrepreneurship requires so much courage. We have to learn how to handle ourselves and our energy to be inviting to people who need to work with us.

We have to create our own opportunities and follow up on them.

One of the main things that makes some business tasks feel hard, is the focus on others.

How will others perceive me at the networking event?

If I share myself more authentically, will others get me?

Will I be loved or rejected by others?

What if we took others out of the equation?

I’m learning how to walk into situations without worrying about what others think of me.

The tool that I use is self-validation.

I think I’m great. I have my own back. I create my own safety.

It sounds egotistical but it is actually the opposite of ego, which is fear based. Self loyalty is love based.

Another way this skill can help your business is when you’re doing new things outside of your comfort zone.

Everything inside your ego will be waving a red flag. Stop! Turnaround! This is not safe.

But you can answer back: I’m good. I’ve got this.

You can become committed to liking and loving yourself in each situation.

This lifts the pressure off other people, because they can sense that you don’t need them to like you, even though you are open to getting to know them.

What could your networking and client creation processes look like if you became wildly loyal to yourself? What could your social life look like?

What would be possible if you could begin making bold offers more often, without attachment to the outcome, because YOU know you and your work are amazing?

I invite you to take a few gentle steps and try to self-affirm more, because the truth is that you are amazing and it’s time for you to recognize this inside yourself.

Much love,

December 2, 2021

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