How to Access Deeper Self Confidence The Spiritual Way

Do you know how to access your deepest confidence?

I used to think confidence meant feeling like a fiery badass all of the time.

I still think learning how to access your inner power is a super important part of confidence because it leads us to courage, and courageous actions often lead to opportunities and financial success, HOWEVER…

There is a lot more to confidence than inner fire.

Reason being: fieriness is only one tool that is needed for the varied forms of success we are all after: good relationships, enjoyability, self-expression and professional achievement.

Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

One way that you can experience this kind of trust in yourself is to rely on your Inner Guides.

Inner Guides are like subpersonalities inside of you.

Each inner guide has their own personality, values, desires and dislikes. Each has a purpose in your life.

Have you ever had an “inner conflict”?

One part of you wanted one thing, while the other part of you wanted another?

This was two inner guides, disagreeing.

When it comes to self-confidence and trusting yourself, you will always have inner guides who challenge that self trust, bringing you into deep fears about moving forward in your life.

Oftentimes these fears come from your inner child, who is a very important inner guide.

90% of the time when I am coaching someone and they are experiencing fear, it’s from their inner child or inner teen.

So if you were having fear, for example, about doing something you’d never done before in your business, if it was your inner child that was the fearful one, you can see how courage and badassery would not be the tools needed to resolve the fear.

BECAUSE… it is not your inner child that will create your business success for you, but your inner child IS the one who will block your success, until she feels heard and safe.

A tool that would help is connecting your inner child to another inner guide inside of you.

Luckily, in addition to your inner child,  you also have inner guides who have a TON of self-knowing, usually because they are either older in nature, or have easier access to spiritual connection, which creates the ultimate in trust.

Your higher self is one of the best examples of this.

Your higher self is the wisest, most spiritual part of you.

(Read my recent Instagram post to hear my description and images of my higher self).

Imagine your higher self:

  • Holding your inner child
  • Listening to her
  • Drying her tears
  • Giving her water to drink
  • Hugging her
  • Assuring her that she’s safe

Within minutes, she can be totally fine, and ready to go color in her coloring books and jump on the trampoline again (just like real children).

But first, she needs an inner guide to hold space for her.

THEN... a miracle can begin to happen.

Your other inner guides who are ready to move forward in your business finally have the green light inside you.

Your inner child trusts you.

Remember: self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

When your inner child can see that she can trust all of this from you, she is good to go, and now the fiery badass inner guides can move forward and make epic progress, to create epic success!!!

Much love,

February 17, 2022

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