Holding Boundaries When Others Judge You

No matter how much you grow in the realm of money, there will always be someone who has learned how to receive on a bigger level, and there will always be someone who doesn’t know how to receive on your level.

When you make a decision to do the “money work” be prepared for people responding to you in different ways.

As you learn how to:

  • connect to money spiritually
  • receive on a bigger level
  • get your finances in order

Your vibe is gonna change.

As you grow,  I want you to be aware of something very important: your relationship with money is between you and money, and you and money alone.

Once you learn to think of money as a friend, you can truly develop a beautiful relationship together.

In your process of growth, there may be people on either end of the earning spectrum that judge you.

Some will judge you for making more money, others will judge you for not making enough.

Here’s what to do when judgement happens.

When you begin learning how to receive on a bigger level, and at the same time, become a better steward of your money, you are going to be able to afford things that you couldn’t afford in the past.

Additionally, your energy will change. You will most likely feel lighter, happier, more confident.

All of these positive changes won’t appeal to everyone.

For one, some people think wanting money is wrong.

For example, as an artist I’ve met many artists that think focusing on money is “selling out.”

They may say “you’ve changed.”

Ironically, some of these people criticizing you may want more money but because of their conditioning, may feel guilty about wanting more.

Or… they may want to change, but not know how.

When they see you shaking your money tree they may feel envious, and may even make negative comments.

They are uncomfortable watching you change, so they want to stop you from changing, so things can go back to “normal.”

On the other hand, as you learn to go where more money flows, you may meet people who have learned how to receive a lot more money than you.

And they may not want to “let you in” to their realm.

They may see you climbing the ladder of your own success and mainly notice that you are below them on the ladder, rather than acknowledging how far you’ve climbed.

There are wealthy women who “lift as they climb” and wealthy women who won’t.

That’s fine. Totally fine.

Neither the naysayers nor the excluders belong in your relationship with money, because your relationship with money has nothing to do with anyone else.

If you encounter either of these situations - someone trying to pull you down, or someone snubbing you, here’s what I want you to do.

Find a quiet place, and connect back spiritually to money.

Notice an energetic bubble encircling the two of you - a boundary that no one is allowed to pierce.

Notice all the progress you’ve made, and tell money thank you, over and over for all that has been delivered.

There are many forms of abundance that God has available for you.

Money is one of those forms.

As you open yourself up to abundance in more and more ways, it’s so important to hold your own internal boundary.

And when you learn to see your abundance in a spiritual light and connect to your Money Soulmate in a spiritual way, no one can drag you down, and no one can keep you from climbing as high as you want to go, because the journey is just between you and money.

Much love,

September 15, 2021

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